Account Access and Permissions

Levels of Access for Team Members

Treasurers -

  • Complete access to all areas of the account including banking changes and ability to assign access out to users.

Consultants -

  • One level below Treasurer access.
  • Can see all activity in the account.
  • Adjust most settings in account.
  • Add Fundraisers.
  • Cannot make changes to any of the financial information or disclaimers. That is reserved for Treasurer access only.

Web Developers -

  • This is a specific access that will give your web developer access to the look and feel portion of your donation page(s).
  • Ability to change logos, pictures, button colors.
  • Area for them to add custom CSS or HTML to your page.

Fundraisers -

  • This is the most restricted access to the account.
  • Ability to add Event Pages & Campaign pages to the account.
  • Can only view funds which they are responsible for helping to raise.
  • If your campaign has paid fundraisers onboard this is the access you will want to provide to them. The system will track the dollars they raise unique to their user profiles.
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