How do I add Merchandise to my Donation Page?

  1. Click on the Account Tab
  2. Scroll down to the section labeled Donation Amount Buttons

  1. Enter the amount of your item (including shipping) into the Value box
  2. Enter a short description of the item in the Name box
  3. Click the checkbox to Make this merchandise
    • (Optional) You can limit the amount of the item a donor may purchase
    • (Optional) You can limit the quantity you have available to sell. This will shut off the feature once you have maxed out on quantity.
    • Upload an image of your item
  4. Click Add Merchandise
  5. Repeat this until you have each item you will want displayed on the page
  6. Click Update Client to make your changes take effect

Your merchandise will display on your donation page just below the preset contribution amount buttons


  • Item amounts will display as entered. You will want to format your numbers how you would like them displayed. For example, you can enter ten dollars ($10 or $10.00) and it will display how you have entered it into the box.

Item amounts will automatically display in order regardless of how they are entered. You can choose to reverse the order of the numbers from high to low by clicking the