How to create an Event page

  1. Login to
  2. Once on the main dashboard for your account, select the button that says Events
  3. Click Add New Event
  4. Fill out the form to create the new event:
    1. Name (This will dictate what the URL is so brevity here is key)

Events 1

  1. Do not click 'Free Event' if the event is not free.  That will eliminate the payment options from the page
  2. If you do not wish to use eFund’s Zoom account and have your own be sure to use a Standard Event.  Then we encourage you to include the Zoom information in the thank you message box

Events 2

  1. Description (internal use only, not necessary to complete)
  2. Associated Fundraiser – Use this to set up separate links to track fundraiser’s dollars raised if your campaign has fundraisers established that way

Events 3

  1. Invite Flyer/Brochure (if you have a PDF of the event to upload do so here)

Events 4

  1. Event Date (required)
  2. Max Number of Attendees (if space is limited)
  3. Payment Options:  This will be your ticket prices.  Put the price in the Value$ box and label the tickets in the Name box.  Then for tickets use the checkbox marked This is a ticket.  You can limit tickets to one per customer if you need all of the donor information for each purchaser.  For sponsorship options (i.e. Gold Sponsor $1,000) you would enter them here but skip checking the ticket box

Events 5

  1. Add Event Details: Check this box and follow the boxes for adding the Sponsored by, Event Location, Event Time, etc. here

Events 6

  1. Event Message: Here is where you describe your event and give any pertinent information you would like published to the page)

Events 7

  1. Thank You Message: Email that is sent to donors after they buy a ticket.  This is a great place to put party information to remind them of times and addresses, etc.  This is also a great place to include the address to the event if it is private until the purchase of a ticket since this receipt will only go to those who buy a ticket

Events 8

  1. Once you hit submit the page will be created.  You can then control the page from the Event tab as it will be listed under there.  You can always revisit an event to make any additional edits