How to Create Campaign Pages

Utilize these pages to create duplicate copies of your donation page to track your marketing campaigns.

Creating Campaign Pages

  1. Log into
  2. Click ‘Campaigns’
  3. Click ‘Add New Campaign’
  4. Fill out our form with the information you would like to include. If this form is left mostly blank the Campaign page will look identical to the regular donation page. The only difference will be the slight URL change for tracking purposes. To customize the page do the following:

  • Name your Campaign
  • You can associate a Fundraiser on your team responsible for the Campaign
  • Set preset button amounts as well as a donation minimum
  • Change the banner image on the page
  • Add a message below the banner pertinent to this Campaign page
  • Create a custom Thank You message

5.  Click ‘Submit’

6.  This will bring you back to the Campaign list under the Campaign tab.

7.  Click View Page for the one you just created.

8.  Copy the URL and use that specific one for your email campaign.